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WCPO describes “new life for junk, workers, and tinkerers” at ReUse-apalooza

May 10, 2017by Alissa Arnold
Dave Rueve shows off his raw materials. See the finished product at ReUse-apalooza 2017.

WCPO contributor Brent Coleman is no stranger to Building Value. He publishes a recurring piece, “Home Tour,” highlighting local homeowners and their unique styles. This column often mentions Building Value as the source of unique treasures or discount supplies.

It was a special treat, however, when he decided to follow the design process of one of this year’s ReUse-apalooza Designer Challenge participants. Dave Rueve has submitted pieces to the one-of-a-kind art auction for several years now, and this year he seems to have outdone himself.

Read the piece on WCPO to learn more about Dave’s creative process,  his background, and the party of sustainability that is ReUse-apalooza!

Get your tickets for May 19 and Dave’s fully-functioning 1960s-chic hi-fi console crafted from recycled parts could be yours–if the bid is right!

Learn more about ReUse-apalooza.

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