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Futures are Brighter for Two Building Value Graduates

November 15, 2017by Alissa Arnold

This past Wednesday at the Brighter Futures Celebration, Nathan Johnson and Jasmine Jackson were both recognized as two people who have taken what they learned while at Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati and used it to help find community employment.

Brighter Futures Celebration honors the achievements of three people with bright futures, and one outstanding partner committed to employing individuals with disadvantages and disabilities. It is truly incredible that two Building Value alumni were honored at this event.

Jasmine Jackson is one-of-a-kind and refuses to take “no” for an answer. But Jasmine has dealt with her own personal struggles after not being accepted to her dream college. Thankfully, she was connected with Building Value and they helped her gain the confidence she needed. Today, Jasmine is a student at Northern Kentucky University and has her own business. Learn more 

Nathan is employed full-time at Walmart, and he couldn’t be happier. You see, there was a time when Nathan was struggling to find employment and when he found a job, he had a hard time keeping it. But, those days are over. Today, Nathan loves his job. He feels joy to work with great people. And, he busts with pride when he talks about earning a paycheck. Nathan’s motto is “the customer comes first, always!” Learn more

Jasmine received the ‘Independence Award’ and Nathan received the ‘Upward Mobility Award.’

They both came to Building Value without a plan, but they both left with dreams, goals, and new sense of purpose!

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