Demolition Services

Residential and commercial demolition for your home or business.

Demolition Process

In addition to our salvage-focused deconstruction business, Building Value is also active in the traditional demolition-only segment of the market

We have applied 20 years of knowledge and experience in deconstruction to our demolition business serving commercial and residential clients.

Our crew leads have performed thousands of salvage-centric demolition jobs over the past 20 years, so straight, pure demolition is well within our wheelhouse. 

Building Value has partnered with firms like Messer Construction, EGC, Hixson, and Hunt Builders to transform commercial as well manufacturing spaces to meet today’s needs. From dumpster management to full structure demolition, our experience shows.

And while we are always looking for unique architectural salvage opportunities, our associates receive the experience, work-hardening, and paid training in the demolition process, fulfilling Building Value’s mission.

Residential Demolition

We provide full and partial demolition services, depending on the client’s needs. We can tackle the whole home, or perform a ‘soft-strip,’ removing one or multiple rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Commercial Demoltion

Our demolition pros can transform commercial and manufacturing spaces to meet today’s needs. From dumpster management to full structure demolition, we can handle it all.

Our Partners
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