We want your reusable materials

It’s tax deductible!

Donations of building materials are considered charitable contributions and are accepted at the retail outlet Monday-Friday 9 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm. If preferred, we can collect your items for $25 inside the I-275 loop and $35 outside the loop. Call (513) 475-6783 or email us to have your donation approved and schedule a pickup or delivery time.

We also accept financial contributions at the store or online.

We accept:


  • Minimum length 4 ft in re-usable condition
  • If lumber has nails or screws, accepted at staff discretion


  • Aluminum screen doors with complete frame
  • Residential security doors – with or without frame
  • Hollow core pre-hung doors in reusable condition
  • Commercial doors, staff discretion
  • solid wood doors
  • Hollow core panel doors


  • Complete with frame
  • Double thermal pane vinyl, wood & aluminum
  • Thermal pane with seals intact
  • Single pane wood sash windows and windows that have been
    repaired, staff discretion
  • Picture windows up to 32 sq. ft.


  • Kitchen & bath cabinets free of damage beyond simple repair
    (Please include all doors and drawers)
  • Particle board cabinets in very good condition


  • Must be free of chips, cracks, deep scratches or severe stains
  • Wall mount sinks accepted with wall bracket


  • Fairly clean with no heavy caulking, glues, etc.
  • Free of chips, cracks, deep scratches or severe stains
    – exceptions may be made for claw foot tubs

Toilets / Urinals

  • Clean and complete with lids
  • Free of cracks or chips
  • All toilets, staff discretion


  • Vinyl flooring larger than 6′ x 6′
  • Hardwood flooring in re-usable condition
  • Flooring tile in reusable condition


  • Re-usable in residential properties


  • Drywall/sheetrock in full or half sheets
  • Other sheet goods larger than 4’x4′
  • Ceiling tiles (2’x2′, 2’x4′) – staff discretion
  • Wooden window blinds and wooden curtain rods
  • Hardware
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Indoor/outdoor lighting
  • fluorescent lighting fixtures
  • Garden pavers
  • Brick
  • Concrete block
  • Tools (hand & power)
  • Appliances in good working order – older/dated appliances accepted at staff discretion
  • Office furniture – staff discretion
  • Shower doors with frames
  • New Carpet

Items must be in reusable condition. Ask yourself, “Would I give this to a friend or relative?” If yes, we’ll probably take it!

We do NOT accept:

  • Computers
  • Curtains
  • Fluorescent light tubes or ballasts
  • Mini-blinds
  • Oil paint or stains
  • Old windows or individual storm windows
  • Paint
  • Plain hollow core doors (unless pre-hung)
  • Toxic or flammable products
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Used carpet