About Building Value

We're committed to reducing waste, repurposing materials, and creating sustainable careers in construction.

What makes us different

Building Value is a social enterprise powered by Easterseals Redwood. Founded in 2004, Building Value was created with two goals: first, to create sustainable training and lucrative career opportunities for people facing challenges to employment; second, to build a construction model and retail store for reclaiming, recycling, and repurposing building materials.

Today, Building Value trains more than 50 clients each year in deconstruction, salvage, retail, and customer service. Our professional deconstruction service works with national and regional builders, developers, and property owners to carefully deconstruct residential and commercial buildings.  We treat each structure as a “living classroom” in our training.

This model offers great tax advantages as well as environmentally-conscious options for property owners as we remove all reusable and recyclable elements through deconstruction.

We have completed over 450 deconstruction and demolition projects, continually getting referrals from customers including Cincinnati Port Authority, DBGC Construction, Crapsey & Gilles, The Christ Hospital, the City of Cincinnati, and numerous satisfied residential clients.  

Visit our retail store at 4040 Spring Grove Avenue in the heart of Northside’s historic district to see thousands of one-of-a-kind products – including cabinet sets, doors, building materials, and architectural gems – all diverted from landfills.

We’re committed to a “Triple Bottom Line” of Social, Environmental, and Financial Performance.

  • To create sustainable training and employment opportunities for people facing economic disadvantages
  • To reduce environmental waste by salvaging building materials for reuse and repurpose by the public
  • To operate a profitable and growth-oriented business and thereby increase our impact

Come check us out!

Business with a purpose

Building Value crew lead Stephon Martin shares his personal story of transformation with the help of our programs. When you donate items and shop at Building Value, you are supporting our mission to help people like Stephon achieve success.

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Building Value is proudly powered by Easterseals Redwood, a mission-based organization committed to advancing 100% diversity, equity and inclusion for people with disabilities, military veterans, and people facing economic disadvantages.

Building Value does this by building a more diverse and inclusive workforce and community, while helping people of color and women earn a living wage in sustainable careers.

Our Partners
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What People Are Saying:

A man wearing a black and white suit with a red tie and a woman wearing a red and black patterned dress standing together in front of a University of Cincinnati backdrop
The team did a great job helping us on our deconstruction project. Jackie and David jumped right in to work with our schedule and the team on the ground was wonderful. Efficient, precise and it was like they’d not even been there afterwards. I’d recommend Building Value to anyone needing assistance with home deconstruction projects.
Warren and Pam W
Woman wearing a neon yellow t-shirt with the Building Value brand logo beneath it
Building Value is an opportunity and it's experience. I specifically came here for experience to get my NCCER to help myself progress in the construction world. Honestly. If I could stay there and I didn't have to just graduate and leave the program, I would stay here for sure. It feels like family. And they like the way I work and they don't underestimate me because I'm a woman.
Jaslynne Scruggs
Two men standing in front of a tall storage shelf with used windows for sale
We've had a great partnership with Easterseals and Building Value over the past at least 17 years I've been director. As you all have helped us learn, you can dismantle a house and use a tremendous amount of those materials. I think the great strength of the partnership our zoo has with Easterseals and Building Value is that it's practical. Getting it done. It's a good program and a good partnership. The zoo is glad to be with you guys.
Thayne Maynard
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