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Ready to make a difference? Your gift to Building Value is about transforming lives and communities. By supporting us, you’re driving local sustainability efforts and creating equitable job opportunities in the high-demand construction industry. Join us in building a better, more sustainable future for all. Make your gift today and join the Building Value family!


    What People Are Saying

    Male Cincinnati Zoo employee wearing a polo and hat with zoo logos
    Director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Frequent Shopper
    Building Value is my favorite store in town. I love it. I do. You've got all kinds of things. It changes frequently. It's worth coming. And the connection to sustainability is really a genuine one because too much stuff in America goes to the landfill and doesn't need to.
    Thayne Maynard
    A man wearing a grey turtleneck, dark grey flannel, and a Cincinnati Bearcats hat standing by a construction area near a brick house
    I searched 16 months for a Newell post to coordinate and I was thrilled to finally find it close to home at Building Value. I added it to my stairwell project to anchor the bottom of the handrail. I tell everyone I recommend BV to, to 'go often' because unique items, large and small, don't hang around there long before they are out the door.

    John Phelps
    Two men holding their arms around each other's shoulders and smiling
    My father and I like to create different things together, and we looked all over for reclaimed wood to create a custom distressed headboard. We discovered Building Value and found all the necessary materials we needed. I returned several times to take a look at the different styles of planks, trim, and flooring to create what would become a focal point for my master bedroom. Now, I love just stopping by and seeing what's available, or what may spark my next project. I would absolutely recommend Building Value to anyone searching for inspiration!
    Mark and Nate Oncay
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