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Building Value Featured on FOX19 for Earth Day Initiatives

April 22, 2024

Lauren Minor at FOX 19 spoke with Building Value’s Director, Sheryl Woodhouse, on Earth Day about our organization’s efforts to help the environment and invest in the local workforce.

Sheryl Woodhouse, Director at Building Value, shares that Building Value is a social enterprise that is apart of Easterseals Redwood. Our mission is to accelerate what will become life-changing careers in construction for people with economic disadvantages. We do this in 3 main services: Deconstruction, Hardscaping, and Demolition. Through our deconstruction services, our crews will salvage building materials and architectural gems that we then sell at our retail store.

What to expect at the store? Everytime that you come in, there will be new things. So- if you find something you like, you should probably get it right then. We offer doors, windows, mantles, sinks, tubs, kitchen cabinets, you name it. Sheryl Woodhouse, Director of Building Value, says “when you come to Building Value, you should really come in with an eye for creativity and openness because a door doesn’t have to be just a door.”

Lauren asked Sheryl what one item in the store would be that is just “WOW”. Sheryl said that: “I haven’t been with Building Value for very long, but one thing that stuck out to me at first is we have some very large K F and Cs from Kentucky Fried Chicken. We also have an organ right now that is just beautiful.”

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