Tabitha Smith-Moran

Winner of Upward Mobility Award

Before she lost her driver’s license at age 21, Tabitha was doing well. Her job at a West Chester electronics company paid well, she was married, and her daughter was in a quality childcare program.

Then things fell apart. With no transportation, she lost her job. The marriage dissolved. Tabitha had to rely on government assistance and fell behind on her bills.

Determined to become self-sufficient, she enrolled in Cincinnati Arts and Technology Center’s construction program. Building Value’s Jerry Janszen spoke to her class, and she asked him to give her a chance.

Tabitha did so well at Building Value, the staff encouraged her to apply for an electrical and telecommunications apprenticeship. When applying she scored in the top five of the 80 individuals taking the application exam, many others applied. While serving the apprenticeship, she has also been attending college classes, and is set to complete her bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (IT) in June, 2010.

With skills in construction, electronics and IT, Tabitha is in her third year of her apprenticeship and has a rewarding career ahead.

The Upward Mobility Award is given to an individual served byEasterseals who has successfully obtained employment in the community and achieved advancement beyond their initial position. Advancement may mean the person has achieved a promotion to a higher-level position, or they have taken on additional and more advanced responsibilities in their current position.