Jasmine Jackson

Jasmine resisted the negative influences of peers while growing up, but fell into a deep depression when she did not get into her dream college. She was struggling to find a sense of purpose and a place. Then she enrolled in Easterseals’ YouthBuild. She took the skills she learned to Easterseals’ Building Value, then to Messer Construction, and ultimately started her own company.

“I wanted to work and needed to work, Easterseals and the staff surrounded me with resources, challenged me, inspired me and made me the person I am today. I would ask them what I would need to do and I would do it. They helped me with everything.”

Jasmine received the Independence Award at the 2017 Brighter Futures Celebration!

Jasmine is currently a student at Northern Kentucky University and still is able to teach some classes at YouthBuild. She has been able to overcome her barriers with vision, determination, and the support of those around her. She never gave up and eventually became an inspiration to younger people to achieve their dreams.

Don Wittrock, Manager of YouthBuild, describes Jasmine as, “She is a great example of how you can overcome barriers to achieve your dream and NOT have to fit one certain mold… She is making life work, living her dream, [and] doing ALL the things she loves.”