Cassie Stidham

2013 Upward Mobility Award

The Upward Mobility Award is given to an individual served byEasterseals who has successfully obtained employment in the community and achieved advancement beyond their initial position.  Advancement may mean the person has achieved a promotion to a higher-level position, or they have taken on additional and more advanced responsibilities in their current position.

Cassandra Stidham was looking for ways to make ends meet for her and her son. She realized that without a diploma her options were limited. While pursuing her GED she connected with the Summer Youth Employment program where she worked on the World Choir Games. Here she was able to earn a paycheck and gain job experience. When the World Choir Games ended, she finished her time working at Building Value and her interest in construction became evident. Her drive earned her a spot on the next deconstruction crew, where she learned valuable construction skills.

While working at Building Value, Cassie earned her GED and learned the necessary skill of networking. She was hired by Foxx Construction when they observed her extraordinary work ethic. She is now working with Foxx with the hopes of becoming a master carpenter. Through her time at Easterseals and Building Value, she received the support she needed to set and meet goals, as well as to become the confident young woman she is today.

Hobbies:  Cassie has a pet bearded dragon and enjoys spending time with her son and other family and friends.