Success Stories

Briana Hines

Briana was working in home care to provide for her four young children. It wasn’t a job with room to grow, and she wanted to move forward into a...

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Jerry Elliott

When Jerry Elliott was 10 years old, both of his parents passed away. Jerry and his younger sister moved in with their grandmother and both eventually...

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Jasmine Jackson

Jasmine resisted the negative influences of peers while growing up, but fell into a deep depression when she did not get into her dream college. She...

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Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson, is a young man who has not let his disabilities define him. He persevered through many heart surgeries as a child. When he was older,...

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Selina Wright

  Don Ebert and Selina Wright with her family at the 2016 ReUse-apalooza! Selina Wright dreamed of providing a good life for her daughter. Yet,...

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Cassie Stidham

The Upward Mobility Award is given to an individual served byEasterseals who has successfully obtained employment in the community and achieved...

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Calvin Taylor

Calvin wanted to carry on his family’s legacy at Messer Construction, but he lacked a high school diploma and any construction experience or...

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Bobby Walker

Bobby was a generous 24-year-old who loved his job driving a bus. He was always there for his mother and three siblings whenever they needed him....

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Tabitha Smith-Moran

Before she lost her driver’s license at age 21, Tabitha was doing well. Her job at a West Chester electronics company paid well, she was married,...

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