Job Training

A Bridge to Success

On-the-job training positions at Building Value act as a bridge to move people with workforce disadvantages into construction and retail careers. Associates gain resume-building experience in a unique work culture that provides the support they need to succeed long-term.

The temporary nature of these positions (3-9 months) gives associates time to remove barriers that have prevented them from staying employed in the past (lack of transportation, child care, high school diploma, etc.) At the end of the training period, they have the skills, track record and references to move into more permanent, higher-paying jobs.

Contributing as They Learn

Building Value training positions benefit the community beyond getting people off public assistance. Even before associates find their place in the workforce, they contribute to society by providing low-cost building materials, smaller landfills, and employment for individuals with disabilities.

Think you might qualify for a training position? Download an application or call (513) 475-6783.

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