Building Value was founded in 2004 by Easterseals. We salvage reusable building materials destined for the landfill and resell them to the public.

True Re-use – Greener than Recycling

Recycling breaks down materials to make them into something new. Large amounts of energy are required, and the value of the original items is lost.

At Building Value, materials in good condition are reused in their original form for their original purpose. This process:

  • preserves architectural treasures
  • provides quality materials at a bargain
  • gives donors a tax deduction/LEED credits
  • creates jobs

How it Works

  • Building Value operates a professional deconstruction services, which facilitates the manual removal of materials before a building is remodeled, demolished or rebuilt.
  • Salvaged materials are brought to our retail re-use outlet store in Northside, which is open to the public.
  • Homeowners, remodelers, builders, businesses, property owners and others may donate new, gently used and antique building materials to the store.
  • Salvaged materials are sold at a deep discount to homeowners, landlords and developers.
  • Proceeds support Building Value and Easterseals, and the process of sustainable building and employment begins again!