Michael Heines

Director of Development and Acquisition, Doyle Hughes Development

“Building Value gives me peace of mind. They do a great job, help me decrease costs, and reduce what goes in the landfill. What could be better than that?”


Michael Heines, Director of Development and Acquisition for Doyle Hughes Development, has been in real estate development for more than four decades. In that time, he says he’s met a lot of demolition companies but only one is at the top of his list:  Building Value.

“I wouldn’t use anyone else as long as Building Value can do the job,” said Heines.

One job that Heines recalls involved some wells on the property. “Chris [Miday] not only had the wells capped properly but he also pulled all the right work permits for us. I could trust that he would do the job right.”

Heines has used them for dozens of his own jobs but has also referred Building Value to countless others. Why? He says it boils down to these important benefits:

  • Customer service – They make everything easy by being dependable, responsible, and knowledgeable about what they’re doing. I never have to follow-up with them!
  • Teaching-team approach – Employing and mentoring young adults is a great mission and the professionalism of their team matches (if not exceeds) any other firm in town.
  • Reducing waste – The work they’re doing to limit what goes in the landfill is phenomenal. It’s a win for us but more importantly for the environment.
  • Pricing – They’re not only competitive but we get a tax benefit for working with a non-profit.

“It’s nothing but benefit, benefit, benefit from start to finish when you work with Building Value,” said Heines.

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