Hands-on Training that Builds Fulfilling Careers

Building Value gives doors and windows a second life. Our on-the-job training gives people a similar second chance to prepare for a rewarding career. Associates learn marketable skills, gain real-world experience, build desirable work habits, and make contacts for references.

Deconstruction Positions

A Deconstruction Associate position will quickly teach you:

  • trade skills
  • tool handling
  • safety procedures
  • employer expectations

After 3-6 months of intensive instruction, you will emerge with a solid understanding of basic construction techniques, and the qualifications you need for entry-level placement in the building trades industry.

Retail Positions

Building Value’s retail training program can help you get a job that offers competitive pay and personal rewards. During your 3-6 months as a Retail Associate, you will gain practical experience in:

  • merchandising
  • customer service
  • bookkeeping
  • maintenance
  • janitorial service

You will also have access to instructional seminars and one-on-one coaching for personal success in the workplace.

Explore success stories from our training program graduates, and call us or fill out an application to work towards a better career today.

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