Do you accept appliances?

No, but you can recycle appliances at:

Tri-State Appliances
4157 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
(513) 542-9965

Can Building Value notify me when a product I am looking for arrives?

Unfortunately, no. Items often come in and out of the retail outlet too quickly for us to contact individual customers.

Is there a fee for deconstruction services?

Deconstruction services are billed the same way any contractor’s services are billed. Building Value pays its employees, equipment fees, transportation and disposal costs from the fees charged for deconstruction. However, items removed from the job site and donated to Building Value for resale are considered charitable contributions and can be deducted from your taxes. Learn more about our deconstruction services.

Is the deconstruction crew insured?

Yes. All members of the crew and insured, bonded and trained in safety and OSHA standards.