Deconstruction Services

Deconstruction is the green alternative to demolition. Instead of creating a “dusty pile of rubble,” deconstruction systematically disassembles a structure to harvest reusable lumber, doors, windows, and fixtures.

Building Value is the most experienced local deconstruction firm, and the only one with a formal resale structure.

We have completed over 100 deconstructions, continually getting referrals from customers like Neal’s Remodeling, Baucher Home Remodeling, Christ Hospital, the City of Cincinnati, and satisfied residential clients.


Professional construction managers lead our specially trained crews. Each worker takes Brownfield, Hazardous Materials and OSHA training, and is insured and bonded.


We coordinate with contractors to make sure deconstruction happens in a timely manner. It takes a little longer than a wrecking ball, but careful planning at the beginning makes material recovery quick and orderly.


Because it is careful manual work, deconstruction sometimes costs more upfront than demolition. However, much of the additional cost is offset by reduced disposal fees. You also get a tax deduction for donating salvaged materials, and can accrue LEED sustainability points. Counting the environmental, social and preservation benefits, most of our customers call deconstruction by Building Value a bargain!